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Thread: Shoppe Down for Maintenance

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    Default Shoppe Down for Maintenance

    The Sandwich Shoppe is down for maintenance. If you need something now, please send an inquiry to theledguy@comcast.net



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    Default Re: Shoppe Down for Maintenance

    I'd love to see the Shoppe updated with modern emitters, etc. Why no crees and just old Luxeons?


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    Default Re: Shoppe Down for Maintenance

    The Sandwich Shoppe is back online.

    We have Cree XR-E online and Seoul P4 but have not bought any newer LEDs for the Shoppe. The demand is not there to stock a bunch of LEDs with different bin codes.

    If you want something, please send an inquiry. We may have what you want.

    We have new LEDs which we will be using for products . . .
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    Default Re: Shoppe Down for Maintenance

    We are having a mandatory site upgrade done. So Shoppe will be down for a few days. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you. Email us if you cannot wait.

    The cart seems to keep the options now (without losing them).

    The shipping modules needs to be fixed. It is a holiday weekend. Missing the international postage link up.
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