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Thread: Saw an amazing UV light the other day

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    Default Saw an amazing UV light the other day

    I was walking around a hotel gift shop when I noticed a plain rectangular UV fixture. Actually I first noticed that a lot of items in the area were fluorescing and I had to really hunt to find the source of the UV light. It turned out to be this rectangular box with a flat Woods Glass filter in front of it and no discernible visible light emanating from it! The only thing that was glowing on the lamp itself was a few specks of lint on the glass. Wow. I have never seen a UV filter that good before. The cutoff curve must look like a brick wall.

    The nameplate on the back of the lamp said Spectrachrome Model 93LIGHTB, Lamp 4-36w-PL. It was apparently built for demonstrating a brand of of t-shirts and jewelry featuring photochromic inks that change color in sunlight.

    I held my cell camera up to the lamp and 'lo and behold, I could then see the bulbs. They appear to be a set of 4 BL-style "bug zapper" style bulbs. I was also surprised to find that my cell camera had some sensitivity beyond 370nm.

    Finally got around to uploading some pictures of this lightbox. I wish these were available to the public but they appear to be a custom build. Because the cellphone camera has sensitivity into the UV range, the bulbs are clearly visible, but to the naked eye this lightbox emits no visible light whatsoever.
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