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Thread: Xtar 18700 Batteries Test [ 2200-2400-2600 ]

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    Default Xtar 18700 Batteries Test [ 2200-2400-2600 ]

    I was sent some Xtar batteries to test , Thank you Xtar and Serena

    For testing , I was sent the
    Xtar 18700 2200mAh
    Xtar 18700 2400mAh
    Xtar 18700 2600mAh [ Built on a Sanyo 2600mAh cell ]

    The first test was a discharge for capacity test , and I included a Sony 2600 and a Samsung 28A in the mix . I used my Imax B6 hobby charger , discharger , to discharge the cells @ 0.5A .

    Next I did a discharge for current test using 4 flashlights , a XR-E R2 , a XP-G R5 Duel emitter set up , a XM-L T6 and a SSC P7 . I included a few more cells into the mix , Solarforce V2 and the AW2600

    Just in case this graph is hard to read , I did one in English

    1/ Sanyo 2600
    2/ Samsung 28A
    3/ Xtar 2200
    4/ Xtar 2400
    5/ Xtar 2600
    6/ Solarforce V2
    7/ AW 2600

    And the last one is a runtime test in a SSC P7 MTE flashlight , to show the discharge curve more realistically .

    Ive run out of time , [ week end is over ] , so will do run times on the other Xtar batteries [ 2400 and 2600 as time permits ] , and I will update the discharge graph as I go along ...

    I will add a conclusion once I have completed the run time tests

    Well , I was finally able to complete the testing :

    I have to say the Xtar batteries performed well , especially when compared to Japanese cells , and I did test the first Xtar batteries that came out over a year ago [ 2200 ] and I have been using them constantly ever since in several high performance lights with no issues . So if the new cells are as good as the originals that came out almost one and a half years ago , then I think most people are going to be happy with there purchase . Xtar is trying to provide the flashlight community with a quality product , and in this regard I think they have succeeded rather well , the build quality is excellent , and if they prove to be as good as Xtars first foray into 18650 cells , then I think Xtar is going to be with us a long time .
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