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Thread: heavy fog/steam thrower suggestions

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    Default heavy fog/steam thrower suggestions

    So management at work have noticed my custom flashlights and asked if I could build something for work use. It needs to be tightly focused with little to no spill, and cut through heavy steam. Size, cost and run time don't really matter within a reasonable window (>7 or 8 min, <$1000, 6D or smaller), They have a 3000lm HID, and they want it to be as bright as that.

    I was thinking an sst-90 with an aspherical lens in a M@g host, 6D would be fine if necessary. I believe a focused 9A sst-90 would have a brighter spot than the H.I.D. Any other suggestions on emitters? I'd like something with as low a colour temperature as possible to cut through the steam. Also open to driver suggestions, single mode is fine, tripple is probably better.


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    Default Re: heavy fog/steam thrower suggestions

    What kind of distance does the beam need to cut through? If its a short distance a SST-90 could do it. However if its a longer distance then the beam profile might be too wide with a large emitter. For longer distances I'd probably go with a XR-E Q5/R2 with a EZ900 die perferably. Of course the lumen output wouldn't be nearly as much as a SST-90, but the tighter beam would be more useful for longer distances.

    You might also want to look into a multi-lens DIY system as well to get a tight beam instead of a single aspheric lens. Perhaps some of the more knowledgeable members will chime in.

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    You can "easily" pass 10k lumens with a hotwire Incan. Given the rest of your list, that would seem to do the job. And if you don't want to make one there are often some for sale in b/s/t.
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    Default Re: heavy fog/steam thrower suggestions

    The beam needs to cut through roughly 6 ft of heavy steam. I'm considering a 458 hotwire, but they want a sharp cutoff like a single emitter led with an aspherical lens would produce. I just don't think I could get the output I need with a single sst-90.

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