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Thread: Surefire X300 vs. Streamlight TLR-1s

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    Default Surefire X300 vs. Streamlight TLR-1s

    I already own the Streamlight, but I'm wondering if an upgrade to the more expensive Surefire is worth it. The Surefire has an average cost of $250 online. I'm wondering if there is a significant improvement in the quality of craftsmanship that warrants the tremendously extra cost.

    The TLR-1s has a strobe function and is water resistant (160 lumen output).

    The X300 is water proof and has no strobe function (170 lumen output).

    Does anyone here own the X300 and if so, how would you rate its overall performance and build quality?

    Also, I was told the rail mounting system of the X300 is plastic. Is this true?

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    Default Re: Surefire X300 vs. Streamlight TLR-1s

    I don't own one but, used one for several months at work. The quality of the light is Surefire through and through, the switch is not. Not the quality of the switch but the way in which in functions. Constant on is up or down on either side and the momentary is by pushing on the back of the switch. If you fire with the momentary on it jams you in the quite well from recoil. The other problem is when trying to turn the switch off, I observed multipke people myself including switching past the center off position. IMHO in a tactical situation it is a safety hazard.

    This speaking of the stock unit. I know that they make a pressure switch for it. I cannot speak if that improves anything.

    Yes, the rail mounting system is plastic. I never saw any problems arise from that.

    Don't get me wrong, I do like the light just not the switch function.

    Hope this helps before dropping 250.
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    Default Re: Surefire X300 vs. Streamlight TLR-1s

    Hello H. neanderthalensis,

    I sent you a PM.



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    Default Re: Surefire X300 vs. Streamlight TLR-1s

    SureFire may be pricey but in change they give you quality ! And that's is what we want , Right ?
    I got 1 on my M9 and M1911 ! No failure even after me and my friend shooting marathon , I had shot about 1000 rounds and the light remain centered ! This light is so tough that it is able to stand up to heavier round like the 7.62 !
    Overall Rating : 9.5
    Quality : 10/10 no manufactures can out run SureFire !
    Performance : 10/10 ! 170 SureFire Lumens it is like 340 for ANSI rating ! With stellar tech like the T.I.R. lense , man this is one compact size sun ! Great throw and spill !
    Cons : 1 and only , the price !Hey , this is what you pay for top notch !

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    Default Re: Surefire X300 vs. Streamlight TLR-1s

    Lyklyk616, what do you have to say about Parnell (post #2)'s experiences with the X300? What do you think about the way the switch functions in the real world? Can it be difficult at times, as Parnell suggests?

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    Default Re: Surefire X300 vs. Streamlight TLR-1s

    You may find relevant information in this particular thread where the exact same question was asked.

    And if you decide to go for the X300, there is one right now on the MarketPlace going for 195 shipped
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    Default Re: Surefire X300 vs. Streamlight TLR-1s

    Old thread, but I just wanted thank everyone for their help and responses (especially Nachtwatch).

    I went with the TLR-1s. No matter how much I tried, I could not justify the price of the Surefire. It's been a few months now and must admit I really like the Streamlight. It's solid, functional, and practical. Though the strobe feature attracted me to the Streamlight, I don't use it at all. However, it's nice to know it's there. I have no regrets.

    With the money I saved I gave some overdue attention to my Surefire 6P. I found an authentic Surefire stike bezel for it and bought some more batteries. I also recently purchased a used Surefire Z2L 80 lumens (discontinued). Stay tuned for my review of it one I receive it.

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    Default Re: Surefire X300 vs. Streamlight TLR-1s

    Does anyone know if the TLR1s 160 Lumens can handle rcr123 batteries or must only go with cr123?

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