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Thread: p7 ledlenser problem

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    hey guys i purchased a led lenser p7 just after christmas last year. Now it is a sweet led or should i say was a sweet led. I now have a dodgy light. You put fresh batteries in it and sometimes it turns on sometimes it doesnt. Also when you do turn it on when you turn it off the bulb is still turned on very dull though.

    Is this a common thing or is it screwed. Im pretty sure its still under warranty however i need the torch for the next week easter and dont want to take it in unless i dont get it back. So if its a simple fix ill try and do it myself.

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    Regardless of where you purchased the light, Coast Led Lenser will repair or replace the light.

    here is a link......

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    Try reading the manual, it has a 3 stage switch and goes to low when clicked 2nd time...

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    Mate I do realize the different settings, however this dullness is after those stages

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    It could be any number of things... try cleaning all the contact points with rubbing alcohol and make sure that the switch is not loose.

    I remember back around the time you purchased your light that LED Lenser had some problems with the switches on some of their P5's (symptom's which match the description of your malfunctioning light); it could be that other products within their range suffered from the same manufacturing fault.

    Best bet would be to just send it in for repairs; there wouldn't be much point in taking a faulty light to that easter thing of yours anyway.

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    Sorry to hear ur troubles meng. I have a dual color led lenser
    And I've never dropped it, never abused it whatsoever. Then one day the red led stopped working!
    And that was the feature I enjoyed the most. So if I want it back I guess I'm gonna have to send it in as well.
    Good luck.
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