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Thread: Spares Carriers

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    I love the SF SC1, for camping, hunting, fishing trips. Strictly LED now but carry a spare incan. just in case. Well thought out, and bullet-proof, and it does have that tacticool thing going for it. The only thing that went was the O-Ring but SF sent me one as soon as I contacted charge of course.

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    In the home, I use the plastic fishing tackle organizers with adjustable trays. Works great and I can use the adjustable trays to set each one for different battery types. I plan to pick up some smaller of the smaller ones to carry with me out of the house.

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    I happen to have only the SC2 which is designed to hold the millenium series lamp assemblies. However, I use it to carry E series lamp assemblies. I have stuffed a little piece of foam down into the shaft so that it doesn't rattle around, but it requires the lamp assemblie's envelope(glass) be stuffed up against the foam with a little bit of force (my lumens factory lamp assemblies came shipped in this foam, so i guess its safe.) Does anyone know if that would damage the glass? I know your never supposed to touch lamp assemblies with your hands or abrasives like a dry paper towel. Otherwise, it seems to be fairly well shock isolated.
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    You'd probably be much better off with the SC3. Maybe you prefer the 6 cells capacity, but a lamp costs more than the cells.

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