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Thread: I have an Atwood Gear Leash incoming

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    Default I have an Atwood Gear Leash incoming

    And would like some ideas on attaching it to the Tri-V.

    Never mind, I did a search. I'll post up some pics when I get it.
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    You can use one of these: http://www.lighthound.com/LanyardQui...tor_p_753.html

    I've used them to attach lanyards that I made myself. They work well & they are detachable. Also, as someone else suggested in a different thread, you can remove the nylon string & weave it into your lanyard directly.

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    Default Re: I have an Atwood Gear Leash incoming

    I prefer using a split ring. The Cabela's #3 split rings have 0.205" ID and 0.033" wire diameter. They fit good and stand up away from the body. If you want the ring to lay down find something with a smaller wire diameter.


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    Default Re: I have an Atwood Gear Leash incoming

    Pics w/ the Atwood Gear Leash

    Very comfortable in the hand, adjustable, and I don't know of any lanyard with a more secure connection to the wrist.
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