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Thread: Build- hoping for help. ssc p7 off 12v.

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    Default Build- hoping for help. ssc p7 off 12v.

    Hello. Ive been playing with led's for a little bit but ive been using resistors and cheap cree xre's. not really good for efficiency

    Im making a new portable floodlight so i can transport it and use it for working on cars or camping whatever. Perhaps even playing basketball at night if its good enough . Build is on the cheap, found a old ammo box and got a battery that looks good and fits perfect. Got a P7 from somewhere (dont know if i can mention on forums) and a nice backlit voltage readout from the same place. Ill attach a pic later if i can figure it out.

    Basically, i want to run 1xP7 off 10 to 14.7v and i want to be able to dim it or for the driver to have modes.

    I keep looking around for this but i get lost in a never ending reading session and never end up getting anywhere. Resistors are inneficient, Boost drivers unsuitable, small maglight drivers are too fragile (at least the ones i got were)

    Can i use a voltage reg?
    Buck driver?

    Anyone got a link to something thats a good price and i can get in Australia without hassles?

    Any other input on the project appreciated


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    Default Re: Build- hoping for help. ssc p7 off 12v.

    I'll move this to H&M for you - perhaps you'll get a response there.
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    Default Re: Build- hoping for help. ssc p7 off 12v.


    The H6 flex would be overkill but have you covered for modes. Hipflex would work too if they have any in stock. Hipflex is good for 2.8A, and H6Flex is good for upto 6.6A, but both are configurable for the current limit.

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    Default Re: Build- hoping for help. ssc p7 off 12v.

    Thank you. not cheap like the resistors ive been using

    I guess theres no avoiding it. They are complicated devices. Ill look into those thank you v much. Aussie seller too.

    LED is not the main cost ive realised.

    couple pics of what im trying to do

    images hosted my photobucket.

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    Default Re: Build- hoping for help. ssc p7 off 12v.

    Another option is the Shark Buck from The Sandwich Shoppe. Order it with the trim pot removed, and instead hook up a 20Kohm, external, logarithmic pot to the trim pot pads for continuous brightness adjustment. Mount the external pot to the ammo box case. Installation should be quite easy with your large volume ammo box.

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