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Thread: Hi-Power Red LED 12 Watt Build

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    Wink Hi-Power Red LED 12 Watt Build

    The PT54 LED is from our favorite Casio Projector.

    It is rated @ 8 amps, but in a handheld host that is too much heat.

    I decided to operate @ ~3 amps, for a total input of 12 watts.

    The first requirement was cutting the solid copper base to fit the pill inner diameter of 22mm.

    After cutting and rounding the corners and final deburring it was ready for an insulator and the pill. This was the final result:

    The next step was placing the reflector to capture all the Red light.
    Here is the reflector placement for the flat LED:

    Finally a quick beam shot from about 6 feet away:

    The intense red center was about 2 feet in diameter.

    This is the host with finned heatsink, I used for this light:

    The power source is a Sanyo 2600mah #18650 cell, that I supply.

    I finished this build for the DFW Laser & Flashlight Spring Fling meeting,
    coming up this weekend in Arlington by Aircraft800.

    My new 12X BR (405nm) Laser in the same host will also be shown.


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    UV Lights, Sanyo 3500mah #18650 cells available

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    Default Re: Hi-Power Red LED 12 Watt Build

    nice build
    a couple of questions
    - how long will it run with the single 18650
    - do you have various poser settings
    - how far can you see an object with the beam in the darkl

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