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Thread: Pelican 9410 Lantern - where??

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    Default Pelican 9410 Lantern - where??

    Has anyone taken delivery of one? I've had mine on order from Quickprogear since January and I'm getting tired of waiting. Calls into Pelican themselves have also not resulted in any firm delivery date, just promises of it's expected next month which then comes and goes.

    Anyone heard of any rumors as to what's going on here?


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    Default Re: Pelican 9410 Lantern - where??

    Moving this to Lanterns. Not sure why you are having a problem, they have been out for quite awhile.


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    Default Re: Pelican 9410 Lantern - where??

    I've owned the 9410 since September of 2010, I love this light! I have used it numerous times around the house. I had a plumbing problem with the kitchen sink, this light was invaluable for lighting up this area under the sink. I did buy the diffuser attachment which makes it much better as a work light. This light did not get too many reviews on this site, too bad, it would go up against many lights and beat them with throw and side spill. It does not get hot because of the excellent internal heatsinking.

    I bought mine from, they usually have them in stock for $268. has them also for about $235.
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    Default Re: Pelican 9410 Lantern - where??

    Cool. Did you purchase from one of the reviewers here, or at a web site/BM store?

    I have ordered the light with diffuser as you indicated ... glad I did. Only wish they could deliver.

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    Default Re: Pelican 9410 Lantern - where??

    I bought a Pelican 9410 on ebay around Christmas, 2010. It arrived in about a week. It is a wonderful lantern. It seems to run a looooooong time and charge quickly. Good worklight for any purpose. I read somewhere that they are used on railroads.

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