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Thread: Whats Your Dream SPY

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    Evilgrin07 Whats Your Dream SPY

    How Cool would a SPY 007 be made out of Moku-Ti It is part Titanium...... My PayPal is ready and waiting How about yours?
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    Default Re: Licence to Dream

    Make mine 18k gold or platinum cost be dammed.

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    Default Re: Licence to Dream

    You rich people make me wanna puke... and the link is passworded BTW.

    Can't wait 'till a China clone comes out.

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    Default Re: Licence to Dream

    LOL, richpalm. I made it through the thread about the guy who bought $30,000 worth of flashlights in his first 6 months as a flashaholic without puking, so this thread is easy to keep my dinner down with.
    Oh, that was the same guy as the O.P in this thread, sorry! LOL
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