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Thread: Which multi-tool in your BOB.

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    Default Re: Which multi-tool in your BOB.

    This Victorinox SwissTool Spirit Plus for the past six (6) years.


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    Default Re: Which multi-tool in your BOB.

    Quote Originally Posted by Burgess View Post
    ...Leatherman Charge Al (aluminum handles & CM154 knife blade).

    This is certainly VERY nice !

    Been EDC-carrying it ever since !

    Also got the ~3-inch driver extension, and additional Bits.
    Only carry about *half* of those Bits, however.

    When i need it, my Leatherman Charge works Really Sweet !
    The Charge is even better than the Wave when you add the bits and definitely the extension as well.

    I had no interest in the bits when I first got my Charge, but having torx and allen bits on me at all times
    has proven so beneficial that I think everyone should make sure to give strong consideration to this
    ultimate package.
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    Default Re: Which multi-tool in your BOB.

    I keep a Leatherman Surge in my EDC bag. absolutely love this tool for heavy duty work
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    Default Re: Which multi-tool in your BOB.

    When biking, I carry my Leatherman Crunch along with my dedicated bike toolkit. My Juice S2 lives in my hiking pack/survival/BOB.
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    Default Re: Which multi-tool in your BOB.

    I carry three Leathermans.
    - Leatherman Wave = BOB
    - Leatherman Freestyle CX = Pant Pocket
    - Leatherman Squirt PS4 = Keychain
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    Default Re: Which multi-tool in your BOB.

    Leather wave, soon to be replaced by bigger surge..

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    Default Re: Which multi-tool in your BOB.

    Gerber 600 series (?) multitool. One of the first police special ones. I found it on the roof of a house all covered with moss. I soaked it with areokroil overnight and it was pretty much like new. Terrible fit and finish but durable and nice to use. One handed deployment of the pliers. I remember thinking when I was EDCing it that if could deploy the pliers and take on an attacker just with those. It literally rattles in a sheath. Pftw! I replaced the "remgrit" blade with a tungsten carbide jigsaw blade.

    I wonder if the pliers will ever break if I actually had to start using it all the time. If I remember correctly, they just sort of float inside the handle, lots of play, but possibly nothing really to make the pliers unusable? I hope we never have to find out? Anybody know about the long-term usability of these things?

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    Default Which multi-tool in your BOB.

    Leather man wave with bit kit and extender. It's a small package with lots of goodies.

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    Default Re: Which multi-tool in your BOB.

    My EDC is a Leatherman Wingman. Great for pocket carry w/ the built in clip.

    My BOB has a Leatherman Wave. Little more substantial with a few other minor features. Need to get a bit kit...

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    Default Re: Which multi-tool in your BOB.

    If I HAD a BOB, I can't decide if my Leatherman Charge TTi would feature. I really like it as a bit of kit, although I am on number 3 in 5 years (pliers broke and I got a mysterious chip in the blade on the first one, then the big screwdriver sheared off on the hinge on the second) which makes me question durability, especially for such a high price tag. It's also fairly heavy. Had a very small amount of rust on the Charge after I spent 6 months in the jungle with it.

    The Leatherman Squirt PS4 on my keys gets almost daily use, if I was making a 'compact BOB' then I'd probably put one in.

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    Default Re: Which multi-tool in your BOB.

    My BOB Multi-tool is a Leatherman Core and the Bitdriver extension set as well. Does pretty much all I need and the core is heavy enough to take most of what I throw at it...

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    Default Re: Which multi-tool in your BOB.

    Leatherman Wingman. For about $22, I don't mind if it doesn't get used much (and it doesn't). Nice for a pack or BOB, too heavy for EDC. For EDC I use my Squirt PS4.
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