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Thread: Miniature Damascus knives (pics)

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    Wink2 Miniature Damascus knives (pics)

    Hello. I am mostly a lurker here , I love the amount of knowledge and talent on these boards.

    Last year I was in search for a miniature Damascus knife necklace charm. Images came up of (gollum) Mr. Jason Burgins work. I was amazed by his work and emailed him right away. I started to ask lots of questions of how to go about making these and he gladly gave me lots of information. Well these are my creations so far, they are nothing special but pretty fun to make. So this is my tribute to Jason and all of his information to get me started. Bare with the bad photos, I am not very good with a camera. I will get them [img] linked later.

    This one is made out of Mike Sakmar Mokume and etched.

    These are made from Chad Nichols Stainless Damascus pattern etched in ferric chloride

    A shot of all of them

    They take a long time to make. I don't have any real knife making tools (or skills) except for a dremel, swiss files, and sand paper. I pretty much use a dremel cutting disk to do most of the work. The longest part is grinding away the blade to the desired thickness. Then I use the swiss files for more detailed shaping. I hit them again with the dremel with 180 grit sanding drums. Then wet sand and dip in ferric chloride. I like how each one turns out different. As I work, I have no idea how it will turn out, I just let my hand continue until I get a design that I like.

    Thanks for looking
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    Default Re: Miniature Damascus knives (pics)

    Very nice work!

    *Note* Shipping Insurance must be requested.

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    Default Re: Miniature Damascus knives (pics)

    Why thank you sir!

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    Default Re: Miniature Damascus knives (pics)

    Very well done!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Miniature Damascus knives (pics)

    well done mate.
    they look really good
    very impressive for the first 7
    at this size everything is harder to do folks!

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    Default Re: Miniature Damascus knives (pics)

    Very nice indeed. I don't have the eyesight nor patients to attempt anything like that.

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    You know, I thought I wouldn't be able to do it either. Then I emailed gollum and he pushed me to just go ahead and try it, and sure enough. They started to turn out. They aren't that hard, just very time consuming.

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    Wow, nicley done. I would love to see your attempt at a 1918 trench knife.

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