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    Default 16340 4 way test

    Been sitting on these batteries for a while , waiting for some spare time to do the testing [ quite time consuming ] , and I had some time today , so better late then never .

    Soshine 16340 unprotected - 16.3mm Dia , 33.9mm Long - I got these two from Don some time ago , and with nothing to test them against , they sat around doing much of nothing . Discharged both cells @ 0.5A with the Imax B6 and they returned 414mA and 448mA [ claimed capacity 700mAh ] . Now in the runtime test there was no protection circuit to to cut discharge bellow 3v and I ran it down to 2.9v @ rest [ there you go ] and therun time test went for 30 minutes . [ Came from 4 pack sold at Manafont ]

    Fireworm 16340 protected - 16.5mm Dia , 34.8mm Long - I purchased these as I was some what impressed by the Fireworm 18650's I got some time ago , but I guess you cant judge a 16340 by the performance of a 18650 . Discharging both cells @ 0.5A returned 341mA and 364mA [ 1000mAh claimed ] , the runtime test was terminated when the protection circuit cut in at 28minutes and 15 seconds . [ Ebay ]

    Xtar 16340 protected - 16.4mm Dia , 35mm Long - Again , purchased these on the reputation of the 18650's . Discharging both cells @ 0.5A returned 437mA and 451mA [ 600mAh claimed - I needed a magnifier to see it ] , the runtime test was terminated when the protection circuit cut in at 33minutes and 30 seconds .
    [ Xtar on Ebay ]

    Th run time test was done in a single mode L2m with a low voltage drop in [ Solarforce 0.8-4.2v ] . You can see the Soshine boost seriously as it drops below 3v , the other batteries were stopped by the protection circuit , so I have given them a 0 value .

    Discharge capability test . 3 different lights were used , my good XR-E R2 [ L2M 18650 ] , L2m with SSC P7 , and my Ultrafire A20 XM-L T5 .

    Conclusion :
    If there is a conclusion to be drawn from this , its that Solarforce really needs to put the V2 16340 on the market , other than that , the other batteries were simply disappointing . The capacity of all 3 test subjects were very low , if Solarforce can make a 16340 that tested at 721mA @ 0.5A I cant see why 600mA capacity should be out of the question .
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