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Thread: Rechargeable CR123s for Coleman Exponent Pack-Away

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    Default Rechargeable CR123s for Coleman Exponent Pack-Away

    Due to the short run time of this lantern I'm exploring rechargeables. Some questions:

    1) Does anyone know the voltage of this lantern?

    2) Which rechargeables would work with this lantern? Do they come in more than one voltage?

    3) Will using a dummy lower the output of the lantern?

    4) Anything specific I need to look for in a recharger?

    I have no knowledge of batteries and will appreciate any education you can provide me to 1) reduce the expense of using this lantern and 2) avoid damaging the lantern.

    Thanks very much!

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    Default Re: Rechargeable CR123s for Coleman Exponent Pack-Away

    Welcome to CPF OldOak

    A quick CPF only Goggle search turned up this thread:

    It says Blacklight, of Coleman, doesn't recommend using 3 RCR123's in this lantern. But, says two can be used with a dummy cell.

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    Default Re: Rechargeable CR123s for Coleman Exponent Pack-Away

    Anyone else familiar with this lantern?

    I've read as much as I can at this forum and others, and I'm overwhelmed by all there is to learn about batteries and chargers.

    OK, I figured out that this is 9 volt lantern. It appears that the concern with rechargeables is that they put out more than 3 volts. However, I also read that LEDs are less prone to being damaged by the excess voltage. I think the total voltage with 3 3-volt batteries would be about 9.6V (at 3.2V each)?

    I also found that lithium ion batteries have some serious safety concerns, and that has me spooked!

    I would really like to know more about using a dummy. Coleman says I shouldn't, but gives no explanation.

    I'm starting to regret ordering this lantern but would like to know if there's a safe way to run it with rechargeables. I'm focusing now on 3V protected and regulated batteries (I think).

    Sorry my original questions were a bit naive.

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