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Thread: Recommend a Thrower (SureFire Lego Question)

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    Default Recommend a Thrower (SureFire Lego Question)

    I'm building up a SF-based light, and I need a recommendation for a lamp assembly designed for good throw. Requirements are as follows:

    C, P, Z, or G series bezel (or something else that will fit on a LU60 collar)

    CR123- based batteries. Right now I'm set up for two CR123s (6v), but I can get the adapter for an additional battery (9v).

    My preference is for LED (hence the choice of forum), but if an Incan would work better, I'm all ears.

    It needs to be bombproof in the reliability department.

    It does not need to be compact (as in, a turbo-type head is OK).

    It needs to be able to handle recoil, as it will be mounted to a weapon part of the time (semiauto 5.56 and 7.62 NATO).

    Runtime is not super-critical; more is always better, but this is not going to be used as a general-use light.

    This is a more refined version of a perviously-asked question ( ). Thanks for your help!


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    Default Re: Recommend a Thrower (SureFire Lego Question)

    Get a 1.4A XR-E drop-in from Nailbender if throw is your primary requirement in a P60 form factor. Make sure you request it be potted to aid in reliability under recoil.

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