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Thread: high power- sst90 w 45

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    Mpr high power- sst90 w 45

    Hi to All.Pls. i need some info. i already byed high power led-sst w45 and i will mount it as head light bulb on my motorcycle,but the question is -is there i need to mount some cooler/chiler on the emitter or something like that to avoid any errors to burn it.
    If i must to mount some aditional than the emitter pls. advice me.With many thks.

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    You do not need some info, you need a considerable amount of knowledge
    about optics, electronics, heat-sinking and the Laws in regard to the beam
    pattern output of the light. There are regulations as to beam pattern that
    must be adhered to.

    All this is available on the internet and is going to require that you study and
    learn. This will take time and is beyond the short answers that can be given
    here. LED lighting is not the same or as simple as using an incandescent bulb.

    I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me a PEAK flashlight, or give me the dark.

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