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Thread: Testing a 70w ballast help

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    Default Testing a 70w ballast help

    I just purchased a 70w slim ballast HID kit for my spotlights on my 4WD.
    But they do not seem any brighter than my 55w HID's.
    I am thinking that they are not real 70w ballast as claimed by the manufactures and would like to test them.
    So can anybody tell me a way I can test them.
    I will need the how to test for a dummy style of help. As I have no idea about this type of thing.
    With the light running I stuck my volt meter in at the globe connections and was getting .04a but got the same with my 55w setup. I think I have my cheap volt meter on the wrong settings.
    So can anybody help please ?
    Because if I find they are not 70w I would like to send the kit back and get my $600 plus dollars back.
    This is the kit in question.
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