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Thread: Electric Light Wire

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    I'll let you look it up rather than feed you a site as you guys will probably bring back a lot more knowledge than I will just feeding you.

    Is anyone doing anything significant at home with ELW or seen some great project kits around?

    Ive seen one or two things to put together. Trouble is Im severly time constrained and I have a neuro/muscular syndrome as well that prevents long (longer than 5 minutes is about all it takes for adverse reactions) periods working on projects of any strain at all.

    Muscles spasm and that kind of gear so I sort of need something, cheap (pension) cool (I'm a real geek, I did robotics so I have two propellars spinning) and off the shelf.

    Stuff I'd like to do is case upgrades, dash lighting and say a Tron outfit down the road one day if i ever manage to get back in a bike.

    Cheers brothers.

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    If you're refering to electroluminescent products try here:

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