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Thread: Order confirmation? Sandwich Shoppe

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    Default Order confirmation? Sandwich Shoppe

    Is it customary for the folks at Sandwich Shoppe to just ship out orders without sending a confirmation or shipping notification?
    I recently placed an order on the web site but have not received any sort of correspondence regarding it.
    As of now I am just taking it for granted that the order was processed and shipped out. The item was payed for through Paypal and they were not sent any info as well.

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    Default Re: Order confirmation? Sandwich Shoppe

    I had the same experience. I sent my payment through paypal and actually got the item before the email notification, which was funny.

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    Ok, thanks, that's good to know.

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    Default Re: Order confirmation? Sandwich Shoppe

    I send an email at the same time the package is shipped.
    I will look into this further.

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    Default Re: Order confirmation? Sandwich Shoppe

    The mail was messed up at the server end. It has been fixed.

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