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Thread: DQG II, review with measurements and outdoor beamshots.

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    Default DQG II, review with measurements and outdoor beamshots.

    DQG II

    DQG is a flashlight made by a chinese flashlight enthusiast, the first version was sold out rather fast and a new "improved" and smaller version was made. This review is with the new version. The light is turned on by tighten the head, the light has two brightness levels, it will always start in low and a quick off/on will change to high. The light is made in stainless steel.

    For the first series of DQG II there was no box, only a plastic bag with the light and one or two spare o-rings. The packing has been upgraded to a small metal box.

    The light uses a TIR optic with a glass in front.

    The head has knurling on it with a good grip. To make the light as compact as possible the battery side of the circuit board has electronic on it. Some batteries has to short a nibble to work with this, in later version of the light a bump was added to make the center higher.

    The battery tube has triangular threads and a o-ring (This o-ring is easily damaged). There is no spring at the bottom of the battery tube, this defines this light as a "battery crusher". When tighten the light it is important to not tighten to much, this can damage both the electronic in the light and the battery.

    The backend of the light is made for use on a key chain (Use the supplied split ring between the key chain and the light). The light is made in two versions, one with a magnet and one with GITD (Glow in the Dark) tail.
    The magnet is strong enough to hold the light on a vertical metal plate, but it cannot hold the light and a bundle of keys. I am a bit worried about the strength of the keychain attachment.

    Here is all the part the light can be disassembled in without tools.

    This is an good little light, that works fine. It is not the brightest AAA light around, but is definitely the smallest and lightest AAA light. For some uses the magnet can be a nice way to place the light.

    Technical specification and measurements

    This light is designed for 1.5 volt AAA batteries (Alkaline, NiMH).

    Measured size and weight:
    Length: 56.6 mm
    Diameter: 12 mm to 12.6 mm
    Weight: 25.1 gram with eneloop

    The light uses a Cree XP-G R4 or R5 led.

    In the above table I have used 800mAh eneloop batteries for measuring and estimating the runtime. The estimated lumen are based on the specified 60 lumen and then scaled according to measured brightness.
    Note: The above table is based on values at 1.2 volt.

    The voltage sweeps shows that the light does not stabilize brightness fully at high. The current reach 1.3 ampere at 0.75 volt where the light drops out of stabilization.

    The low level has perfect stabilization and works down to 0.42 volt.

    As all high power flashlights it works best on NiMH batteries, for the DQG II the runtime is about 1˝ hour runtime on high and only about 40 minutes with alkaline.

    The light uses current control and has no flashing modes.

    Comparison to other Flashlights

    4Sevens Preon ReVO S2, 4Sevens Preon ReVO (neutral), Univex Titanium AAA TIR

    D.Q.G Tiny AAA, DQG II R4 (neutral), DQG II R5 (cool)

    For the full comparison to other lights with graphs and beamshots see here

    My website with battery, charger, usb reviews, comparisons & information:
    Latest addition is multimeter reviews

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    Default Re: DQG II, review with measurements and outdoor beamshots.

    Nice looking and looks like it's got the AAA tiny factor maxxed out. It does look like it would be better with a machined attachment point rather than what appears a wire clip built in.
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    Default Re: DQG II, review with measurements and outdoor beamshots.

    HKJ: great review as always!

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    Default Re: DQG II, review with measurements and outdoor beamshots.

    I use my neutral frequently, and have discovered that if it is tightened beyond the point of initial electrical contact, it (I think) loses negative contact with the board and shuts off.
    Just don't crank it down! If used too often, this may worsen.
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    Default Re: DQG II, review with measurements and outdoor beamshots.

    How does the beam profile compare to the Revo. I like the small form factor. Since the Revo is no more I need to look for a good replacement in case I loose mine. The Klaraus X6 looks interesting too.

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    Default Re: DQG II, review with measurements and outdoor beamshots.

    Great review and great light! Cant believe how much smaller it is when compared with the other AAA lights!

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    Default Re: DQG II, review with measurements and outdoor beamshots.

    Has anyone tested the low runtime on an eneloop?

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