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Thread: So, how good is dSLR video?

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    Default So, how good is dSLR video?

    I realize most of us are still shooters, but with video capabilities in most digital cameras and many short films being shot on dSLRs just how good are they?

    I ran into this link over at Zacuto, and it's a very detailed, un-biased real world comparison of Canon and Nikon dSLRs -vs- state of the art digital motion picture cameras. They even threw some 35mm film motion picture cameras in there too.

    At the worst it gets you into the head of Hollywood Cinematographers and what they have to deal with. At best it puts any head to head camera test I've seen to shame. If you're even remotely interested in the technology of digital video you have to see it.

    Interesting to see how film did OK in some some tests, but was destroyed in others.

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    Default Re: So, how good is dSLR video?

    I'm starting to play around with the video option on my D7000. I like the large sensor's ability to create the shallow depth of field, but hate the rolling shutter "jello" effect of CMOS sensors.
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    Default Re: So, how good is dSLR video?

    My wife's T1i and my old 7D both shot great video

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    Default Re: So, how good is dSLR video?

    With a slightly different (photographers) view.

    'Game changer' is an apt description. If even to have opened the eye's and minds of trad shooters to the potential of the 'moving media'. In the last 6 months I have now shot over 6 different projects that have been broadcast on state and national media. 7 months ago I didn't know where to find the record button on my 5dm2.

    Mind you, I've a reasonable network and a solid 10 years of pro shooting under my belt.

    BUT a DSLR is just the start of a 'shooting rig', think things like shoulder rig, follow focus rig, matt box, and a separate monitor is not a bad idea either... Oh, and don't forget a really good tripod...

    And I haven't even started with sliders etc

    Just saying...

    That being said though, after shelling out the $$, it's still about 1/10th of what you would of paid for a competitive outfit 6ish years ago.

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