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Thread: Nichia 219: High CRI/5000K LED

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    Default Nichia 219: High CRI/5000K LED

    I came across a press release from November 2010 of the Nichia 219 LED:

    It sounds very impressive with 140 lumens/watt while having High CRI and 5000K temp.

    Has anyone here had any experience with these?

    I have emailed them for a sample.

    More info:
    part no. NVSx219A
    3.5mm x 3.5mm package
    Electrically isolated heatsink
    Drive current up to 1.5A

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    Default Re: Nichia 219: High CRI/5000K LED

    You can pretty good CRI with <105lm/watt. No way will you get high CRI with 140lm/w.

    And, trying to find "H1" or "H3" at the local electronics store is a little difficult. I wish that they were more available, especially mounted to 10mm-20mm MCPCB's....

    Lets us know how those samples are when you get them.

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