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Thread: P.O.S nokia 6590

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    I hope that none of you are considering purchasing a Nokia 6590. I have and and I am regretting it. It all started when I thought I would go with "the next generation" service, namely GSM.(AT&T) The carrier has good coverage considering they just started a year and a half ago with GSM. The 6590 is a very small phone with lots of features, fm radio and internet capabilities. The first one I purchased went d.o.a. an hour after I brought it home. At&t promptly replaced it with another which lasted three days past the thirty day return guarantee. Then the fun would power itself off for no apparent reason, I got numerous sim card errors but the most annoying thing is it would not remember my voicemail number. Every time I would try to re-enter it, I would get "phone number not valid" so I had to manually dial it myself. It cannot receive and store composed ring is also not compatible with any usb Irda devices which makes my 40 minute download of Nokia's PC Suite a total waste of time since it's only communication link is infared. The irda device I bought was over the internet and to return it I have to pay a 15-25% restocking charge. Phone repairs have to be sent to the factory with a 5-7 day turnover time and since I need the phone daily, this is not acceptable. AT&T will overnight a replacement for a fee of 27.95(this is called an exchange) [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/icon15.gif[/img] All I have for a spare is a TDMA phone which will not work on a GSM network. So I hope I have covered all my reasons for regretting this purchase and recommending others not to buy this phone. Now I will have to spend yet more money on this boondoggle [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/mad.gif[/img] I have owned Nokia's all of my celluar life and never had one problem...until now. If you are considering this away fast, get something else.
    Thank you for reading my ramble.

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    Ummmm... the Reviews Forum is really for flashlight reviews... I think this would be more appropriate in the cafe... moving...

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