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Thread: Spydie Chicago for EDC??

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    Default Spydie Chicago for EDC??

    im looking for a general EDC knife. I dont ever carry my knives because i think theyre too big.
    i have a leek, and delica which have about a 3 inch blade.

    so i saw the spydie chicago, it has a 2 inch blade, deep pocket clip, liner lock, and looks like it can take alot of rough treatment, and of course it a spydie.

    i cant find the dis-continued s30v versions anymore, but thats not a big deal to me.

    anybody have any other suggestions on good, small folders. im leaving town for the weekend, so i would like to order one before then...a little present to myself when i get back LoL.

    so some requirements to narrow it down....
    must lock... frame-lock prefered, but liner lock is ok too.

    want easy 1 hand operation.

    2.5 inch blade max.
    weight and price not really an issue.

    these ive already ruled out....
    ladybug, dragonfly, cricket, kershaw chive(the damascus model is really tempting, but i dont like the assisted opening).benchmite.

    EDIT: i sold the chicago after about a week, and picked up a dragonfly g-10, and really like it alot, it hasnt left my side for a week.
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