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Thread: Macs EDC XM-L has landed

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    Default Re: Tri vs XM-L

    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyboy View Post
    How easy is it to disassemble the XM-L EDC? I was thinking I could get one in copper and take it apart to gold or nickel plate, then reassemble it. This would prevent it from tarnishing.
    Nickel-plating copper should be a crime. If you're going to nickel-plate something, at least make the base metal something uninteresting to look at. Perhaps a bare aluminum light would be better if you really want to nickel-plate it.

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    Default Re: Tri vs XM-L

    You could get an aluminum one and cerakote it (many colours available) or get the copper and have it powdercoated clear.

    And no, not hard to disassemble at all, need a micro-allen for the clip screws though.
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