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Thread: Boker Plus Epicenter

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    Default Boker Plus Epicenter

    Just managed to get my hands on one of these, so I thought I'd give everyone interested a review of it. This is Boker Plus' Epicenter framelock, a production version of designer Todd Rexford's custom folder model by the same name, and I'm happy to report that it is one of my favorite production knives that I've had the opportunity to handle.

    With a 3 5/8" VG-10 blade and 8 3/8" OAL, the Boker Plus Epicenter is the ideal size for me, as it is large enough to do what I want it to do but still small enough to be easily carried and manipulated in my hands. The handle slabs are 7/32" Ti, which fill the hand nicely, and they have perhaps the best contouring that I've seen since Kershaw's Studlock Bump. On mine, the action is smooth, the lockup is rock-solid, and the blade centering is near-perfect.

    With an MSRP of $200 and a street price of around $170, I feel that the Epicenter offers a lot of bang for the buck. For one thing, I've never personally seen a production knife in this price range offer such thick, fully contoured Ti for the handle slabs. The Epicenter also features perhaps the nicest looking satin blade finish that I've ever seen on a production knife, as both the flats and the grinds of the blade look handrubbed. This production model also retains a lot of the details of Todd's custom version, such as the arc-shaped thumb grooves in the spine of the blade, the oversized pivot head, the trim ring around the pivot screw, and the grooved and dimpled stand-offs.

    I would highly recommend this knife to anyone looking for a beefy framelock in the 3 1/2" blade range.

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    Default Re: Boker Plus Epicenter

    Nice review. It's a really nice looking knife and a bit of a bargain considering the materials used.

    Thanks for taking the photo's, much better than the ones on the Boker site.
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    Default Re: Boker Plus Epicenter

    Is this made in China? Odd that it uses VG10 if it is.
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    Default Re: Boker Plus Epicenter

    The lock engagement seems very insecure. Saw a similar engagement on this knife on sale at bladeforums, so this looks like its common. I am scared it may dis-engage accidentally...
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    Default Re: Boker Plus Epicenter

    Boker has really been putting out some great knives!

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