Hi Everyone,

Im working on a project at the moment that requires a bright flash of light. I am reluctant to use xenon flash tubes, like camera flashes, I would much rather use LEDs if possible.

I have done experiments with P7 emmiters, rebels and stars, and I think the P7 is just about bright enough.

My question is, the P7 seems to want about two amps from my PSU, however I think this may be above its rated forward current. What im wondering is weather this really matters, the LED will be on for about half a second, and the flash will be repeated maybe once every 3-4 seconds. The LED does not get hot at all flashing on so quickly.

If the diode does not get hot, is it OK to run it at higher currents for more light? Is it merely the fact that the LED gets hot and burns out that gives it its current rating? Will running it at a higher current damage it in ways that can't be seen until its all too late?

I guess I could do away with any current limiting resistors in my circuit and just zap it with the full power of the battery for the half second, but will all my flash modules start dieing because of it?

Thanks for any help,