Thanks, That sounds like the best way to solve this problem, and to get a firsthand idea of what works.

Thanks again to all who responded!

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I got your PM but didn't reply because I read in one of your recent posts where you seemed to have decided with green, choosing functionality over "cool". Now it seems you aren't so sure after seeing more pics of blue trits. It comes down to this, people can explain the differences, pros, and cons of different trit colors and brightness levels every which way till Sunday but the truth of the matter is it's going to be purely subjective. When CPFMP comes back online, search for "Merkava" trit sales thread. You can but 1.5x5.5mm trits for $11 a piece, shipping is like $3. So for $25 you can get a blue and a green and see first hand which appeals to you in all the conditions you want to test functionality at.