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Thread: Need Mag heatsink for Indus 20mm star

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    Default Need Mag heatsink for Indus 20mm star

    I want to mod my 3D maglight using a XPG-R2 bin emitter thats mounted on an Indus 20mm star.

    Most of the heatsinks that I've seen are for using a bare emitter.

    Anyone know of any heatsinks that will take a 20mm star??


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    Default Re: Need Mag heatsink for Indus 20mm star

    I don't remember seeing a heatsink specifically made for a 20mm star, but there are some that have a completely flat top without a pedestal for an emitter.

    You would then be able to mount a single star in the centre if thats what you wanted to do, or you can fit three 20mm stars in a mag head and then use smaller reflectors or optics.

    I'm not sure who or where they were available from, but they are out there and a quick search will probably find them for you.


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