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Thread: Sky City RCL-3000 Fix

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    Default Sky City RCL-3000 Fix

    Recently found this site while hound dogging the net for info on my broken Sky City RCL-3000 lantern. My first post here, and I've got to confess, I thought loving flashlights was something one kept a's nice to come out of the closet!

    In preparation for hurricane Irene, I dusted off my old lantern only to find the battery dead. Rather then plug it into my car to charge (never had the ac charger) I thought I'd be slick. Rummaging through a box of obsolete cell phone chargers at work I thought I found one that would work so I plugged it in and waited.

    At first, it seemed to be working, but hours later when I unplugged it and tested it again...nada. So while waiting for Irene pass, I opened up the lantern and found that I had cooked capacitor "C6" and resistor "R49" on the circuit board.

    I sent a message containing a question to Sky City that I don't expect to be answered so I'd like to ask it here:

    Can anyone tell me what the specs for those components are? The color coded bands got cooked and I can't tell what they were. I'm not much of an electronics geek and can't find a way to bypass the electronics to make this lantern work again and would really hate to throw it away. Thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: Sky City RCL-3000 Fix

    Is it this lantern?

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    Wink Re: Sky City RCL-3000 Fix

    Ken: That's the lantern, er uh paperweight, alright. I consider this quest a long shot and realize that anyone who's got one would pretty much need to dismantle the whole unit to get to the circuit board. This work includes peeling the label that covers the switch area to get at some screws. Assuming I can find someone generous enough to open one up...I hope they're not color blind.

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    Default Re: Sky City RCL-3000 Fix

    Moderators: Would it be better to post this question in the Flashlight Electronics section? If you think so, could you move it there for me? Thanks much.

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    Default Re: Sky City RCL-3000 Fix

    You are asking a question about electronic components, so it might well fit better in the Flashlight Electronics section. I'll move it there for you.
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    Default Re: Sky City RCL-3000 Fix

    Check out this thread. BriteIdea had one this February. He might be willing to open it up and post a picture.

    Owners manual, a little down on the left where it says "Click here to download"

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    Default Re: Sky City RCL-3000 Fix

    Thanks Mod.

    I came across the 'manual' but it's pretty useless. What I really need are the electronics schematics which would show the unit's capacitors and resistors and their specs. If it's possible to send BriteIdea a PM maybe he/she would be willing to open it up?

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    Default Re: Sky City RCL-3000 Fix

    Another dead end. BriteIdea blocks PM's.

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    Default Re: Sky City RCL-3000 Fix

    Did anyone ever find a copy of the schematics for this lamp? One of the black wires came off the circuit board on mine and would like to be sure which spot it should be reattached to.
    The batteries for it are availble from many places online including Amazon, as well as the two F4T5/CW flourescent tubes.

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