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Thread: Wiring diagram for transformer (downlights)

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    Exclamation Wiring diagram for transformer (downlights)

    Hi there,

    I'm a total newb when it comes to electrical stuff, and this is probably a VERY simple question, but i don't want to make any fatal mistakes and blow out the transformer or burn my house down....

    I recently bought a replacement transformer to replace the one that died for my halogen downlights. The only problem I have right now is trying to see where my light's wires are supposed to go.

    The photo below shows the diagram (on the yellow box); i think it was designed to work for up to two lights, but i'm only using it for one light. Can anyone with electrical knowledge tell me which two terminals i'm supposed to use? I'm using a standard 12V 50W halogen light, and it has two wires. my previous transformer only had 2 terminals so it was a no-brainer to connect.

    Attached below is the photo of my transformer.
    I've labeled the output terminals "A,B,C,D" so we can avoid any confusion. My input voltage here is 220-240V, so the input wiring is straightforward.

    I'm asking which two terminals am I supposed to use to power ONE light?

    Many thanks

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    For 1 50W lamp, use A-D or B-C as you like. The four termials is for use of 2 30W lamps. A-D for lamp 1 and B-C for the other.

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    I agree with Microa!!!

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