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Thread: MAC's the greatest

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    Default MAC's the greatest

    Just wanted to give you some for the great job that you do.

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    Default Re: MAC's the greatest

    Mac's one of the Best!
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    Default Re: MAC's the greatest

    I have never been disappointed in a light that I bought from Mac. He is a perfectionist and it shows in his machining. Always worth the wait. Hopefully other members will show patience and allow him the time to create his masterpieces.
    WTB: Mac's Customs Tri-EDC (aluminum) in excellent condition & bored to accept an 18350. Also an Oveready Custom Black HA C2 body (or complete host) in excellent condition.

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    Default Re: MAC's the greatest

    Yes, his work is impeccable.
    Showing patience on an already set timeframe is one thing, but being left in the dark after waiting twice as long as the specified timeframe is a different story. I am not an impatient person, but I do hold people responsible for what they say.
    Ask me about custom kydex.

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    Default Re: MAC's the greatest

    The best of the best!

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    Default Re: MAC's the greatest

    I appreciate you wanting to express your appreciation for Mac and his work, that's exactly why we have a place for cheers in the Marketplace - Norm

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