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    Titanium Rambler with titanium pins, phosphor bronze washers, a tritium slot on both sides and 400 grit hand rubbed finish. The tritium vials will be installed by the customer.

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    Love that! Very nice work indeed.

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    That's some great work there! The rambler is one of my favourite SAK's, it has pretty much everything you'd need without overdoing it.

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    Whats the cost on something like this?

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    Default Titanium Rambler

    Sadly, bushidomosquito has been off the grid for some time. I think his last posts on CPF and other fora were circa July, and he hasn't answered any email. I think everyone is wondering if he's OK. All of which is to say, you may have to postpone thoughts of a Ti SAK until he re-appears. (Fingers crossed.)

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