Hi all!!

Still in the process to design my DIY video light...Thanks to this forum things are going on, I think that I finally choose how to do a couple of things:

The driver will be a Taskled H6Flex driving 6 XML (3s2p), it's able to give them up to 3A that is the max current for them. The point is that with just 4 li-ion cells may be I'll need to lower a bit the current to have a decent runtime.

I'm drawing the components of the head and got this:

I'm planning to use a thin glass lens reinforced by the one-piece diffuser that its in contact with the heat-sink.

The idea is that heat will heat-sink also through the glass while being "supported" by the diffuser.

I'm choosing glass as I got the idea the transmittance index is better than polycarbonate and is more scratch resistant. I'm thinking on something like that:

The seal is obtained by screwing the heat-sink into the head and with an o-ring between the lens and the recess in the head. I think the picture is quite well self explanatory.

Waiting for your comments, may be I'm not in the right pad, it's my first try so please be indulgent with me.

Best regards form Zaragoza