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    I have a Vital Gear 1 cell body and I would like to get a Mule head for it. I'd like to use my IMR 16340 cells for this head to get a really small light. I'd also like to get about 350 Lumen out of it as the lack of reflector will give me all flood.

    What do I need? Can you build me something like this? Can I? Cost?

    Best regards // J

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    i was just about to create an identical thread...guess I'll just piggyback on this one.

    i checked the shoppe, and there are heads and disks available, but no heatsinks that i could see.

    my current line of thought is to hog out an old e1 incandescent head.

    is there an easier/better starting point? or is there an alternate source of parts ?

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    We have assembled Black Mule head and Mule kit as mentioned above.
    We have converter boards, Can + Emitter board to make light engine. There is not a heat sink per se.

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    I must have missed the cans. would you post or pm a link please? i bought all my aleph 19 parts from the shoppe and would like to be a rererepeat customer

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    XR can for the Cree XRE Seoul XR for Seoul P4. These work in the A19 head as well.

    Aleph XR Can
    Aleph Seoul XR Can ***NEW***
    Cree MCPCB 650
    Seoul MCPCB 650

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    I recently built one for member blackbalsam and did a quick reference to it here:

    If anyone's interested pm me and we will work out the details.


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