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Thread: Is there a flashlight season?

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    A New Moon, when we all go mad, unlike others who go mad on a Full Moon!

    When there are two Blue New Moons then chaos reigns!

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    All year round for me but I really like the winter months especially when using a good strong flashlight that can cut through the mist and fog on them long dark nights

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    its a long one its usally last about 365 days a year

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    I've recently gotten back into it. I lost my Underwater Kinetics headlamp while I was traveling and needed to do some research for a bombproof replacement. Not to mention a general sense of enthusiasm for flashlights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hooked on Fenix View Post
    Halloween through Christmas is the best time for buying new lights. They seem to update them this time of the year. Spring is for buying loaner lights at a discount when last year's lights go on clearance for at least 50% off and get replaced with new lights 10% brighter. Spring, Summer, and Fall is hiking and backpacking season (A good time for night hikes while not freezing my butt off). So technically January 1-December 31 is flashlight season.
    According to Eddy's Bike shop in Ohio, Fall. It progressively gets dark to closer to 4pm in December, often warm all year round. Having brighter lux than worklights, can extend the work day outside, and make the inside work go toward perfection with outside lux. Not possible to have good lux in a work area before 2003 to 2005. We had the lumens, not lux (how bright things are when you look at them). Definitely, not portable or moth resistant.

    I am hoping Fenix will update their emmiters to xp-g2 (choice of xp-g2 and nichia to make me buy both), before the competitors do.
    Some people are all lumens and no lux, while others are all lux and no lumens. Some just thank God they have neither.-- All of my lights have throw--some pretty darn far, into the garbage.

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    Autumn and Spring for me, since I tend to be outdoors the most at those seasons.

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    im guessing after hours

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    I tend to buy more in the winter being it gets dark early

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