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Thread: What type of LED is this?

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    Default What type of LED is this?

    I don't have access to a camera at the moment or I'd post a picture. I have a 3 AAA flashlight that has an on/off button in the tail cap and a side button for changing modes. However, modes in this flashlight means colors. It has white plue 9 colors. The flashlight is the size of a P60.

    The LED unit itself has a translucent white dome about the size of an aspirin and on the back are 4 prongs. It plugs into a circuit board. I can't see the actual LED (s) because of the translucent dome but it appears to have either 3 or 4 individual LEDs as in red,green,blue (and perhaps a separate white) but this is all one small unit (much like a MC-E in that regard).

    Has anyone ever seen or heard of something like this?.

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    hi, without i pciture nobody can help you. there are several rgb / rgbw packages on the market.

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    maybe this one?

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    Check this: Go to deal extreme an search for "5-Watt 70-Lumen RGB Emitter"

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