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Thread: ITP A3, Maratec AAA, Olight i3, Fenix 05

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    Default ITP A3, Maratec AAA, Olight i3, Fenix 05

    I was dead set on the Fenix 05 because of its form factor and price, but I like the multiple modes of the itp A3 and ability to (unofficially) run 14450, but the unability to tailstand is a turnoff. The Olight i3 (noticibly taller) can be tailstood but has no keyring attachment? Or Olight changed that feature? Version on 4sevens and similar vendors have it advertised as keyring attachable? I guess the Maratec is the only one left that is keyring attachable and tailstandable and can run 14450?

    Is it difficult to mod the ITP A3 with the magnetic washer dealio on the end? Seen some people have that on theirs and it looks very nice..


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    Default Re: ITP A3, Maratec AAA, Olight i3, Fenix 05

    Olight i3 can tailstand and does have a keychain atachment point.
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