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Thread: Impressions of my 3300L (3840L actually)

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    Buttrock Impressions of my 3300L (3840L actually)

    I just wanted to drop a note here and say a few things about this amazing light. I'll make it in a points format and add more as I think of and discover new things. Fellow 3300L owners, feel free to add your own impressions and observations to this thread. And questions are welcome of course.

    Mine is the 1550ma (that's per emitter and there are 9) version in neutral white which amounts to 3840L at the emitter. The 3300L version is 1100ma in cool white. The 1550ma/cool white version would be 4110L.

    1. This thing took a LONG time to get but man was it worth it!

    2. Build quality is top notch, of course.

    3. The tint (rated at 4500k) seems to my eyes to be pretty much identical to the 5000k 3C XM-L that is installed in my SC600. The 3C is still classified as neutral.

    4. I love this tint. It is absolutely my favorite and I've had a few.

    5. Biggest surprise about this light? I can't believe the throw it has. I was NOT expecting any sort of respectable throw but it does quite well. It's one, make that one GIGANORMUS hot spot!!! It lights up not just a tree at a distance but the whole damn treeline! For comparison, it out throws my Incendio V3U XM-L w/turbohead by just a bit....and that's not bad at all. The V3U is my best small EDC thrower. And, it totally blows away my SC600. It does not, however, out throw my direct driven X10 (which is pushing about 4.5a through an XM-L) but it's waaaaaaaaaaay closer than I had expected. It holds it's own even at distance and that's the point.

    6. My other lights all seem so dim in total output now...even my FM1909 hotwire.

    7. It is surprisingly small for what it can do. It fits easily in my coat pocket without hanging out. I can zip my pocket just fine.

    8. It is heavy for it's size. It feels very solid. It obviously has a lot of heatsinking.

    9. It will get quite warm if left on high for several minutes...especially if you are not holding it. I'll soon zap it with my IR gun at intervals and report back.

    10. The medium setting is still VERY bright. In ceiling bounce tests it is as bright, if not a bit brighter, than my direct driven X10. I'd guess 850-900L OTF. Keep in mind that this light is spread out over a way, WAY, larger hotspot than with the X10 making it very usable as a general purpose light. There is MUCH runtime to be enjoyed on this setting. A VERY nice setting to have...the one I find myself using for most tasks.

    11. The low setting still has plenty of usable light. I could walk my dog just fine on this setting. On this setting it has throw right between the low/medium and high/medium settings of my SC600 (21L and 65L, respectively) but with a far bigger spot.

    12 I wish it had a forward clicky instead of a reverse clicky.

    13 Memory would be nice as well.

    14 Yes, it tailstands...but with just a little wobble due to the soft button sticking out just a smidge.

    Ok, that's all for now but I'll be back with more.

    Hey Mac!...THANKS!!!
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    I agree with all points, but I don't care so much about 12 and 13.

    I was surprised at how far mine throws too.

    It has rendered all of my big mags obsolete, and I've since sold all but one of my collection.

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    Default Re: Impressions of my 3300L (3840L actually)

    Awesome flashlight!!!

    but the question is this still available

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