I know that LEDs require a constant current source
the specs on the LEDs I purchased are 9 to 11 volts and 1A or 1000ma
I purchased 4 of them as well as 4 1000ma constant current drivers for them

connecting the 4 with the equipment I have is a no brainer

what Im wondering now is for my future build

the LEDs are going to be used for a DIY aquarium light
the aquarium currently has fish only and no plants but the second project will be a 55 gallon tank with plants and fish

my plan for that tank will be 10 cool white 10w leds and 10 blue 10w leds
I would rather power them all off of 1 power supply

from what Ive read if I wire the LEDs up in series I would need about a 90 volt DC power supply that supplies 1A for each set of 10 LEDs
I would need a constant current DC-DC regulator (unless I can find a sufficiently powerful constant current power supply)

I thought about wiring them in parallel but if I had a single LED fry on me the rest would wind up with way too much current and fry as well

can someone confirm for me if Ive done the math correctly and if I am right in my assumptions?