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Thread: (SOLD) : One-Off Alpha - Titanium Nitride Coated

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    Evilgrin07 (SOLD) : One-Off Alpha - Titanium Nitride Coated

    Just thought I'd show you guys a sample from the lab:

    TiN coated just like a drill bit or carbide insert. The vapor coating goes on top of the nickel for double the awesome. All threads are masked and left nickel plated but not vapor coated. Same goes for the inside of the head and the LED mounting surface. I was just playing around with the head. The head grooves are actually and 11tpi thread cut with a round nose grooving tool instead of a threading tool.

    TiN is ridiculously scratch resistant but it's limited by the hardness of the material underneath it. That's why I also nickel plated these...nickel is about the same hardness as anodizing. That said, the finish CAN be damaged. Don't expect it to be indestructible.

    If anyone want's this light (your choice of LED) the price will be $350 - this light is one of a kind. If this doesn't get much interest here, in a day or two, I'm going to post it on my site for public sale.

    MCE (6500K N Bin / 5700K / 4000K)
    XML (6500K U2 / 5700K / 5000K)
    XRE (6500K R2)
    XPG (3200K High CRI)

    Full disclosure, the TiN coating brought out some stress marks in the body grooving. You can't feel them but you can see them...little speckles. See the image below. There is also one spot where the TiN did not fully bond. See the other photo below. The area is quite tiny and you might not notice if I didn't say anything.

    Here you can see the nickel plated threads where the PVD coating was masked off. This preserves the clean thread feel, electrical conductivity, and looks awesome. I'm going to start shipping my "special" lights with these blue Flurosilicone o-rings. They are about 10 times the cost of a standard nitrile o-ring but they resist everything, especially oils and fuels. If you want to scuba dive inside a tanker truck filled with jet fuel...these are the o-rings you should use. Overkill? Heck yeah.
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    Absolutely positively the best looking light I have ever seen. I would have gladly paid the extra $150 to have something of this magnitude, had i known. Seriously amazing work! You are an artist.


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    added a new photo to the first post

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    Just a heads up, this light is going up for sale on my site

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