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    +1 on that Lumapower D-Mini with 66SMO Reflector.

    I ran my personal one at 2A too. My emitter was XR-E R2 EZ1000 and highest pure white bin known. It clocked in at 88K lux or so. With a 1.3A driver pill I believe I was at 77K lux, so still alot more throw then most Aspheric type builds. Well, not the DEFT.

    Just so you guys know. Lamdalights.com is currently finalizing the Turbo XM-L 2D Mag. It already does 135K lux via 3in SMO Reflector on a 2D Mag and powered by 3 NiMH C cells. With 33 mode knob its very useable. Plus, I am pushing him to hopefully drive it at 5.5A vs. the 4.5A it is now.

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