Had to share . . .

Just a few minutes ago, I was looking through my collection of lights to pick out good choices for the annual CPF Christmas Giveaway currently going on. I had hopped out of the shower right before doing so. I'm just finishing up putting everything away after making my selection of what to donate. And then I feel a little gentle brushing on my chest. (I was shirtless, and I do have plenty of chest hair.)

So I look down, and I see this bug crawling on my chest. I was about to get angry as Hell, when I realized it was just a ladybug. Now I know she didn't land on my chest. I would have noticed her flying about. That means she must have come in from somewhere, and decided to go mountain climbing.

In many cultures, having a ladybug visit you is a sign of good luck or good fortune that you can look forward to. It's even stronger if one visits you while you're engaged in a self-less act or act of kindness.

The ladybug was carefully removed from my manly chest.
And carefully deposited outside. It was also the 2nd one that came into my room. The first was also carefully deposited outside. Come to think of it, it might have been the same one coming back hours later.