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Thread: Are There Any Other Bulbs for the Rayovac SP8D Sportsman Area Lantern Besides Stock?

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    Default Are There Any Other Bulbs for the Rayovac SP8D Sportsman Area Lantern Besides Stock?

    When I purchase a product, I like two things:

    1) Replacement parts should be cheap

    2) Replacement parts should be widely available from multiple sources

    The Rayovac Sportsman SP8D Area Lantern uses two 9 watt tubes. However, I can only find Rayovac selling replacements. According to this product page here, the bulbs are 60 volt, 150mA, and have four pins. Though I can find multiple hits on google for 9 watt tubes with four pins, I cannot locate any designed to work off 60 volts. Is it really possible that only Rayovac/Spectrum Brands sells a replacement tube? I find it hard to believe.

    Though I do not own one, the rubbery bottom and handle, even brightness, and lifetime warranty all appeal to me. Judging from the Sportsman Extreme and Gentos models, the Rayovac/Spectrum branded Favourlight stuff is of much higher quality than the fragile Coleman junk. However, I would feel much better if I knew there were other companies making four pin, 9 watt, 60 volt tubes.

    *scratches head*


    This is the lantern being discussed


    And for the answer:

    I found what appears to be an excellent third party replacement. Go for the Sylvania, model #20313. Here are the specs:

    Base: 2G7

    Pins: 4

    Watts: 9

    Volts: 48

    Amps: 170mA

    Initial Lumens: 580

    Mean Lumens: 522

    Color Temp: 2700k

    CRI: 82

    Average Rated Life: 10,000 hours

    Source (links to a Google Quickview of the Sylvania PDF)

    Source (links to the PDF itself)

    NOTE: Although this tube by Sylvania appears to be compatible, I suppose we won't know for sure until:

    1) Someone compares the two physically
    2) Someone installs it and finds out

    Any takers?


    Here is another one that looks awesome:

    Osram Dulux S/E 9W/827

    Brand: OSRAM

    Part Number: 017655

    Weight: 100 grams

    Colour: Warm white

    Voltage: 48 volts

    Specific Uses: Indoor use only

    Type of Bulb: CFL

    Cap Type: 2G7

    EU Energy Efficiency Label: A

    Luminous Flux: 600 lumen

    Wattage: 9 watts

    Incandescent Equivalent: 40 watts

    Colour Temperature: 2700 Kelvin

    Average Life: 10000 hours

    Bulb Diameter: 34 millimetres

    Bulb Length: 150 millimetres


    Both Sylvania and Osram have variants at higher color temperatures. But a lot of people like their lanterns nice and cozy!

    Mmmm...2700k lantern lighting...
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