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Thread: PR2 Led drop-in

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    Default PR2 Led drop-in

    Hey guys,

    I still have some SMJLED PR2 drop-ins (courtesy of Lambda, many years ago - where is that guy these days btw?), and for long-running on 2-cell lights of varying stripes and sizes, it's still pretty neat. Long-running, bright enough for most general uses, and easily swappable between hosts.

    Was just curious if other PR2 based options were out there, since I remember Lambda had a hard time even getting the SMJLEDs potted into the PR2 housing, and came across this:


    They have a few, and the two more powerful ones are:
    PR2-3WHP-x: 3 Watt Flashlight Bulb - $14.95
    PR2-1WHP: 1 Watt Flashlight Bulb - $10.95

    Kind of pricey in one sense, since in some places you can get a 2D MagLED for $15. But still, it'd be a nice way to breathe life into a 2-cell PR2 light you have that you like for sentimental value, you don't want to add to a landfill, etc.

    Has anyone used any of these, any experience with them?

    There's also a .5 watt (I think that means either SMJLED-type, or Chinese-made lower power LED) version for $5 and change too. Might be super-long-running.
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    Default Re: PR2 Led drop-in

    superbrightleds have a lot of models.

    PR2-W1-WVR $5 and PR2-.5WHP $6 do not focus very well.

    PR2-1WHP-30V 100 lumens $11 is a Cree 1W for tool lights. Won't work at 6V or less. Cree XP series. My eyesight is not good enough to tell if it is a XP-C or XP-E.

    PR2-1WHP-9V $11 is the lower voltage version but the maker has changed LEDs. (suspect SSC-P4 - its got a Luxeon style dome)

    PR2-3WHP-3V & PR2-3WHP-9V 180 lumens $15 are 3W versions. Very bright but bigger hotspot not brighter hotspot. Warmer tint than the others.
    Also gets very hot very fast. I do not recommend them for plastic flashlights. Metal flashlights with metal bulb holders.


    Dorcy has a 2 cell 30 lumen and a 3-4 cell 40 lumen that focus good in fixed focus flashlights. $6 at dorcydirect or $4 at Sears Canada or Frys in the US. Probably a Nichia 10 mm.


    Nite-ize still have theirs listed.


    Terralux TLE-1F 50 lumens $13-$20. Luxeon.
    Terralux TLE-6EXB 2-3 cells TLE-6EX 4-6 cells 140 lumens $15-$23. Rebel.


    A variation of the SMJLED is available at the sandwich Shopppe.


    Lambda is still around.
    His old page with the SMJLED is still up but I do not think is active anymore.
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