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Thread: Programming the SPY007 XM-L

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    Default Programming the SPY007 XM-L

    Now that I have secured one of these, I would like to confirm the programming please.

    If I want to use the 2nd configuration slot to program in the higher power levels (using IMR cells), I first select PU1 and then set the knob to P2 while the light is flashing.

    Then I do a PU4 to program in the knob positions.

    So, lets say I want to make P6, 3A (3000ma), then:-

    1 - While the light is flickering, move knob to P6
    2 - Set knob to P1 (home) and light will flicker again
    3 - Click three times ( ie pass 1, 10 & land on 100), then dial back & forward 30 times for 3000
    4- Set knob to P0

    If I leave things like this, then the 2nd Configuration slot will have stored this setting for P6 and the other positions for this slot will be the same as the default settings in the 1st (Default) configuration slot, correct?
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