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Thread: *** Custom Maglite Lens *** $ 35.00

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    Wink2 *** Custom Maglite Lens *** $ 35.00

    Here is a custom Maglite lens that I CNC Milled on the backside with a reversed pattern, so when seen from the front it is completely smooth. These are great for your show lights that you want to personalize. Names and logo's have to be able to fit easily. Not a Glass Lens. Price is $35.00 for one lens. Price break on multiple copies.

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    Default Re: *** Custom Maglite Lens *** $ 35.00

    Neat idea!

    Do you see the name/logo when whitewall hunting?

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    Default Re: *** Custom Maglite Lens *** $ 35.00

    Thanks, You can only see the name/logo if it is really close to a wall, and then it is reversed. These are made more for customizing your flashlight than trying to alter the beam.

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