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Thread: My Skyline 2 modified to XM-L @ 1.4A

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    Default My Skyline 2 modified to XM-L @ 1.4A

    Well , when I first got the Skyline 2 , I was like , Im not going to mod this light !
    Then the XM-L emitters came out , and I was like , " I should mod the Skyline 2 " [ Then I had to go to school = Bummer ]
    Well , Schools out , and Ive been catching up on my home work [ Modifying Flashlights ] , yeah , the important stuff .

    Just let me say right up front , Modding the Skyline 2 is a PITA ...
    Why you ask , because the darn pill is glued in , and mine was glued hard , real hard ...
    It took a serious amount of heat to get the pill out :

    In fact the XR-E emitter floated of its base [ de soldered ] , before the pill would budge ...
    To get mine out , I drilled two holes , for needle nosed pliers to go in to twist it out , but I needed lots of heat , and multi grips and lots of swearing [ the swearing was mandatory and Im sure I entertained the neighbours during the pill removal ]
    The next PITA was removing the emitter base , again seriously glued in place ...

    Check out the abuse the pill has taken : Solarforce really put the Skyline 2 together with a lot of glue , %&(*Y^%$&^%^$ Solarforce !
    Now you might think it gets easier from here , wrong , the next PITA is removing the old driver ...

    The way it works is , the driver is poped inside just under the emitter , the brass ring is pressed over the top of it , so it sits just under the emitter and a contact pad is pressed over the back of the pill , so the driver sits deep inside the pill , and the only way to get it out =

    Mash it good , and scoop it out ....

    Once the pill is out of the body , the emitter removed , the driver smashed and scooped out ,
    You can think about what your going to put in ..
    Bear in mind that the ramping feature is in the tailcap , so pick a single mode driver ..
    Pictured is my XM-L T6 [ 5000K tint ] and a 1400 4 x 7135 driver ...

    The XM-L glued in place ...

    The driver soldered ... At this point I test to make sure things work ..
    Then I solder the driver in place at the back of the pill ...

    I ever so slightly damaged the body removing the pill , *(*^^$&%&(*))(*&*&%$% Solarforce

    Front of the Skyline with the XM-L in place ...
    Measuring current from the back [ less tailcap ] = 1.44A with a Xtar 18700 , I would expect a small loss with the tailcap in place ..
    But I have to say the beam is nicer than the XR-E original , the ramping work perfectly ...
    Cant wait till it gets dark , ill post some beams ..

    I have really grown to dislike the XR-E , the very small hotspot is a pain to use at close range , as it makes it hard to see anything except whats in the tiny hotspot ..
    XM-L has really spoiled me , I love XM-L .. For around the house , the XM-L rules , and for anything out to 100 Meters the XM-L works well , and a XM-L thrower will extend that out to 200 Meters , I dare say the days of the XR-E are numbered , and Im so over tight narrow pencil beams , they are just not practical .. For everyday use , for making it easy to see everything at night , the XM-L rules the roost . It does what the MC-E SSC P7 does but better , cheaper , and easier ...
    Though the Skyline 2 mod was a serious PITA , the result looks to be worthwhile ..
    Beams tonight ...

    Some output figures : [ Fresh of the charger Xtar 18700 ]
    High = 455L
    And the lowest it will ramp down too is 6L

    Low 6L

    High 450+

    Really bad video of the ramping ,
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    Default Re: My Skyline 2 modified to XM-L @ 1.4A

    I like it, very clean beam... remarkable free of artifacts considering the reflector was meant originally for an XRE

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    Default Re: My Skyline 2 modified to XM-L @ 1.4A

    Hi old4570, nice new light you have there. Nice big hotspot there on the wall. Seems by the pic it is almost to bright on high. Now I know what that old song meant by "I have to wear my sun glasses at night".

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    Default Re: My Skyline 2 modified to XM-L @ 1.4A

    Yes , the white walls tend to bounce back a lot of light .. [ To much light ] Yeah , 450L is a little much for the back yard , I find around 250L is about right to see really well ..
    One day I will have to look into re programming the drivers .. [ Multi mode drivers ]

    Due to the Skyline having a ramping driver , I just posted Highest and lowest ... [ And the camera really takes bad video ]

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